What do we do?

Africa shine again is a project created with the aim of giving hope to Africa. Giving hope to us of Africa shine again means trying to make the heart of Africa and those who live there shine.

By purchasing our products you will have the possibility to receive a very good quality of the goods and, at the same time, a part of the money you will use for your items will be destined to the most affected sectors: Education, health, economics and much more.

Since the African continent is large, we have thought (together with an external institution) of a way to distribute the funds fairly. In fact, at the time of purchase, the customer can choose an African country to which to invest.

The preference will be expressed through a small form in which you can select the country that is most dear to you:

Good buy and thanks to everyone



My name is Fatima, I’m a moroccan girl and I'm 20 y/o. 

I was born in Morocco but I grew up here in Italy (more than 17 years)...

Anyway I wanted to introduce myself, but I’d like to talk you about my business/project.

I love Africa from my heart, I have it in my blood... whenever I hear “AFRICA” I feel the african vibes. 

Here in Italy there are many africans.

Really in every place you can find them but they don’t have an opportunity. 

The African continent has an incredible story since the beginning of humanity, full of wealth, raw materials and more... but the problem is that Africa is rich and africans not.

I mean that’s the reason why europeans exploited our lands.

For that I created an educational program that can transform the africans minds, ‘cause Africa can survive without the others continents but the others continents can’t.

So I was thinking and in 2015 I decided to set up AFRICA SHINE AGAIN, the main objective is to create an african community here in Italy that buy through an e-shop goods that they use everyday and that they already buy. 

A part of this incomes will be destiny to a fund and with that we will Invest in Africa in three sectors:

-agricultural (the best lands for agriculture are situated in Africa)

-energetic (the african weather is perfect for this sector)

-real estate, buildings and more.


Share with us your smile today to brighten someone's day


Our community is considered by those who are part of this project as a great family! From Africans born in Africa to Afro-Americans, Afro-Carribeans, Afro-Latins all united by the desire to make the African continent shine! Only by combining all the resources we have available can we truly change and improve the most exciting continent in the world.


the next african revolution